Week in Review, Nov 11-17

I don't think I read as much this week as I did last week, but there were some great ones to be had. Each book is so unique to its author, yet can easily remind the reader of other works. I think comparing authors is a compliment - even when the book is not liked. [...]


Open Mic Night at Westminster Cemetery (review)

Open Mic Night at Westminster Cemetery by Mary Amato Carolrhoda Lab Published 01 Sept 2018 Young Adult Synopsis (Amazon): When Lacy wakes up dead in Westminster Cemetery, final resting place of Edgar Allan Poe, she's confused. It's the job of Sam, a young soldier who died in 1865, to teach her the rules of the [...]

Skateboard Sibby (review)

Skateboard Sibby by Clare O'Connor Second Story Press to be published 18 Mar 2019 ARC provided by NetGalley Synopsis (NetGalley) Eleven-year-old Sibby Henry liked her old life. Now she's living in a new town with her nan and pops. On her first day of school she sees a dope skateboard park, but she's lost her [...]

Merry Bloody Christmas: A Short Story Collection (review)

Merry Bloody Christmas: A Short Story Collection by Ellie Scott Independently Published 31 Oct 2018 Synopsis (Amazon): Countdown to Christmas with 24 contemporary short stories In a gloomy Yorkshire town on a snowy Christmas Eve, nothing pans out exactly as it should… An awkward breakup, a vengeful turkey, digitalised ghosts and alien abductions. A chocoholic [...]

Pilu of the Woods (review)

Pilu of the Woods by Mai K. Nguyen Oni Press To be published on 16 April 2019 ARC provided by NetGalley Children's Graphic Novel Synopsis (NetGalley): For fans of Hilda and the Troll comes PILU OF THE WOODS, a heartwarming and bittersweet story of friendship, loss, exploring complex emotions and finding your way home from debut creator Mai [...]