Book Review: Gus’ Fortunate Misfortune

Gus’ Fortunate Misfortune
Written by Susan Pepka, illustrated by Joseph Cowman
Full Cycle Publications
Published 15 November 2018
ARC provided by NetGalley

Description (NetGalley)

How do you turn a Very Bad Day into a Hopeful New Beginning? Gus, an ordinary mouse, must find a way to do just that. Following a series of unfortunate events, Gus finds himself trapped, separated from his family, and transported far from home. Alone and frightened, the young mouse must confront his deepest fears. Using his wits Gus solves problems and makes discoveries. Adapting to his new surroundings, Gus receives help from an unexpected friend. Each trial brings a new lesson…but will Gus ultimately succeed? Will Gus find what he’s truly looking for?

My Review

What a sweet book about Gus, a mouse, who gets chased by a cat and ends up being trapped by a human in a box and taken away from his home and family. Gus was bullied because he was smaller than the other mice, but he must learn how to be brave if he is going to survive.

In his new home, a young monk (I’m assuming young), Jamyang is finding meditating hard as his mind wanders, but when Gus comes into his room in search of water, he must be quiet and still as to not frighten Gus and make him fall.

Pepka’s story of finding inner peace through hard work and effort is beautifully complimented by Cowman’s illustrations. The cover is wonderful, but only tells one part of the story. The real story is Gus finding inner strength to do things he never thought he could. Fantastic picture book!

Overall rating: ♥♥♥♥♥


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